Smart and snappy as always. Pushee couldn't disappoint us if he tried. His “Pineapple” EP proves his virtuosity once again and we are left breathless.


At the 25th of october 2015 DJ Pushee live in the Grand Social, Dublin, Ireland.

Impression of the Amsterdam Dance Event 2015.

Claus Neuefeind dives into the deep end. We're happy to announce that his song „Papaya“ will be
part of the compilation „Deep Magic Waters Vol. 12“, released on 27/11/15. He and two dozen other
artists will explore new musical shores together!

Bonaventura House Music on the way to the Amsterdam Dance Event 2015.

Bonaventura House Music at the Reeperbahn Festival 2015 in Hamburg, Germany.

Another flag on the big Bonaventura euroboard: This June we've signed Luke Bonaro, a talented DJ from Italy! Hailing from Milan, the 23-year-old was able to convince us with his atmospheric hybrid of House and Trance, which we are happy to share with you!



Back in the future: On his new EP "Foresight", Claus Neuefeind takes the listener once more to the margins of the electronic universe, where time and space finally collapse.



Vocal House at its finest: "See You Again" is Bonaventura's first release by Mesh Junior from South Africa. Adding her soulful voice to Mesh Junior's clean beats, singer Lungelwa makes this fine piece of electronic music go right under your skin and into your legs.



Sometimes Munich and Johannesburg are just a stone's throw apart: We are happy to sign our second international artist, Mesh Junior! The 24-year-old DJ and producer from South Africa enchanted us with his unique Electronic style, and apart from getting people shaking on the dance floor, Mesh Junior also wants to shake up his home country's music industry. We are thrilled to support him on his way!