Bonaventura House Music proudly present their first Deep House release: Papaya Landscape by Claus Neuefeind.

One of many upcoming releases of a young talented artist from Aachen, Germany. 9 tracks of harmonic Deep House sounds. Pure, dynamic feel good music. “






Lying beneath the jungle canopies of Virgin Forest,I hear the deep house beats drone throughthe thickness of night. A Bright yellow light piercing the dark like bullets shot through paper. I follow the beams. Is it the stars falling, tumbling to my feet? Walking on and on until I reach the edge – I take the jump,falling through the sweet thick air. I land softly on the ground below, moving forward, following the yellow rays. Then I see their source, hanging on the luscious green of a tall tree: radiating yellow papayas. I reach out and pluck a fruit, indulging in its rich taste. For a moment everything blurs – am I sleep-walking? And does it matter? Satisfied and saturated I thank the planet for the experience. I lie down and fall...awake.


A Day In Virgin Forest - Claus Neuefeind

Yellow Caliber - Claus Neuefeind

Falling Stars - Claus Neuefeind

Freefall Sweetness - Claus Neuefeind

Moving Forward - Claus Neuefeind

Papaya - Claus Neuefeind

Fruit Passion - Claus Neuefeind

Somnambulism - Claus Neuefeind

Save the Planet - Claus Neuefeind